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Wedding/ Event Testimonials

"M.J. will bring musical magic to your event. In addition to being personable and professional, he will make you so pleased with your decision to choose his artistry for your special day."
Beryl & Dave McLane



"We had the pleasure of having M.J. play a wonderful part in our Whistler wedding ceremony. From the beginning, M.J. was incredibly professional, helpful and patient. He always responded very promptly to all my emails and walked us through the process of picking music that would fit us and our ceremony. He provided ample detail of his services and provided samples of different songs that he thought would work well. He has a very kind and calm demeanor which is such a positive addition to your already crazy enough wedding day. We could not have been happier with the music that M.J. played during our ceremony. It was so beautiful and created such a perfect ambiance. We received many compliments from our guests on how beautiful the music was at our ceremony. He is such a talented guitar player and his services really added a lot to our special day. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone planning a wedding in Whistler!"
Holly & Bryn Keys



"M.J. was very helpful in selecting the precise renderings of what we wanted to hear. His playing at our ceremony and cocktail hour added warmth, love, and peace to our wedding day. I would highly recommend him for any occasion. He showed professionalism, kindness and a true enthusiastic knowledge of his craft!"
Paula Keenan



"After interviewing a number of musicians for our wedding, we found M.J. to be the most professional, and the only one versatile enough to play the music we wanted played. He was reliable, on-time, and he coordinated with our organist at the church and also played solo during our cocktail reception, playing beautiful background music selected from his vast repertoire. M.J. was a pleasure to work with and we received several compliments from our guests."
Jeff & Lisa Campbell



"I've known M.J. since elementary school; we performed at weddings together for over 15 years and he has also made a significant impact as my daughter's first guitar instructor. M.J. is a professional, dedicated, versatile musician and teacher. I've had an 'M.J. only' guitar accompaniment/recommendation policy in place since our first gig! Our east coast loss is definitely a west coast gain."
Lynn MacVicar

Student Testimonials

"M.J. is the best teacher I've had the pleasure of studying under.  He is a passionate musician who cares about detailing lessons towards his student's personal needs and desires.  He made me confident in myself and my playing and I look up to him to this day. "

Taylor Lipton

Guitarist - Abriosis



"M.J. gave me my first formal lessons and he gave me my last formal lessons. That's because I didn't need anyone else - he was the complete package.  Friendly, conversational, knowledgeable.  In all of my years playing I have yet to meet anyone else who does such a great job of making all the pieces fit like M.J. does.  One of the best guitar teachers out there, without a doubt."

Rob Gillan

Singer/Guitarist - Armada Drive



"I've known M.J. for a few years now but have listened to him play a lot longer than that. He's one of the best guitar players I know in every sense (he plays every genre very well). I also took more than a few guitar lessons from him and he knows what he's doing. A great teacher, amazing player and a heck of a guy... If you need any of the above, M.J. is your man."
Tim Chaisson




"M.J. Mullin is an excellent and professional guitar teacher! He has the knowledge and experience to truly improve your skills. He's a personable guy who takes his work very seriously and you won't be disappointed!"
Kyle Drake
Singer/Guitarist - The Meds



"Affable, enthusiastic and Inspirational, I learnt more from M.J. in 8 months than I did in my 10 previous years of guitar playing. His engaging, tailor-made lessons were invaluable in taking my playing to the next level."

Robin Joy



"I thought that at 60 years of age and no natural musical talent I couldn't improve my guitar playing much. M.J. is a gifted, versatile and supportive instructor who helped me be inspired to play more guitar and aspire to reach the next level. He gears the lessons to the music I'm interested in and simplifies how to learn new songs, chords and strumming styles. His lessons are top value."

Polly - Whistler



"M.J. is a great guitarist and great teacher. He teaches in such a way that isn't so structured and makes you feel comfortable about making mistakes as you learn. He's right there every step of the way to improve your skills and give you a laugh or two along the way! Highly recommend!"

Meg Dukes



"M.J. simplified learning guitar so much for me. I always looked forward to my lessons, and I got better and better with each one."
Ryan Bruce



"I came to M.J. for my first guitar lesson knowing very little about the guitar but very eager to learn. M.J. was a great teacher who really tailored my lessons to the style of music I wanted to learn & play but really made sure I got all the other fundamentals of learning to be a good guitar player down too. I would definitely recommend him as the guitar teacher you want to have teaching you. Whether you are a beginner or you already have been playing guitar for a while M.J. can teach you what you want to learn & what you need to know."

Chris - Whistler



"I've been fortunate to find M.J. to continue my learning progress with guitar.  He tailored my lessons to what I wanted, with a style that makes learning fun! I couldn't ask for a better teacher."

Wilson Prewitt



"I took guitar lessons from M.J. for a number of years and never stopped enjoying them. Not only did I learn a lot, but I always enjoyed his amazing attitude and wonderful conversations. M.J. is an exceptional guitarist and he taught me everything I know."

Eric Sylvester



"Lessons with M.J. were hugely beneficial for me - I came to him as an intermediate student with a lot of advanced questions, and he always had the answer and was able to help me put together the knowledge and technique I needed to move my playing along in the direction I wanted (along with some interesting side roads I didn't know were there and probably wouldn't have found). I highly recommend him as a teacher, regardless of your playing level."
Nick Campbell



"The knowledge of a guitar god packed inside a humble and friendly man.  M.J. was a great teacher and mentor to me while I was learning the foundations of music and the guitar. He always reminded me about the pure joy of playing music when I sometimes forgot. Great musician, great guy."

Nathan Trainor



"My experiences while taking guitar lessons with M.J. were fantastic! His knowledge, experience, and teaching methods allowed me to advance my skills and gain a strong understanding in music theory. Most importantly, M.J. creates a fun, comfortable, and supportive learning environment while keeping you focused on the goal of each lesson."
Trent Whitty



"M.J. was known throughout the music community as the BEST guitar instructor in PEI. Many people recommended him to me and I continue to recommend him now. He taught me how to play acoustic and electric guitar as well as the electric bass. M.J. creates a positive learning environment which allows his students to flourish as guitar players. Whether you are just beginning to play or looking to take your skills to the next level, he is the guitar instructor for you!"

Neil Toombs



"All styles, all levels, all ages, all true.  After spending decades always with something else to do, my wife finally pushed me into M.J.'s studio.  I can honestly say that I have never had a more enjoyable or productive learning experience.  M.J. is a gifted, laid back and intuitive teacher."

Ian Woodhouse



"M.J. has the musical knowledge and instructional proficiency to allow any guitarist to develop and grow into the musician that they want to become."
Dylan Hurry



"My two boys and I had the pleasure of being taught by M.J. for several years.  Not only is he extremely talented, he is also a great teacher for both children and adults.  He has been highly sought after here on Prince Edward Island.  British Columbia - you are so fortunate to have him!!"
Marie Hood



"M.J. is a great instructor and a great person.  He came highly recommended to me by a couple of friends.  I always recommend him to friends of mine who are looking to play guitar."
Tyler Coady



"Our son Calum, began guitar lessons with M.J. at age 6, he’s now almost 14 and continues to take lessons and play guitar.  M.J.’s relaxed and patient teaching approach made lessons fun for Calum and got him started on his musical journey where he now plays tuba, guitar, bagpipes, and a bit of piano on the side.  The music foundation and mentoring that Calum received from M.J. allowed him to grow as and develop into a very accomplished musician!"
Carl Brydon



"After years of half-hearted attempts to learn guitar on my own, I began taking lessons with M.J. Mullin at the PEI School of Guitar in 2008, and stuck with them until 2012 when, sadly, M.J. took his guitar and teaching talents off-Island.  I don't claim to be a virtuoso, but because of lessons with M.J. I became a competent, intermediate level player.  I gained greater technical ability, erased some bad habits, learned a lot of songs (even took a stab at writing my own) and developed a much greater understanding of music theory.  And I had a lot of fun and quite a few laughs at every lesson!

 There are so many resources for aspiring guitar players today, but none of them can replace one-on-one lessons with an instructor who can teach you proper technique and give you feedback on your playing.  M.J. is very versatile and able to teach songs in any style.  He also demonstrates what elements of theory are being used in each song so that you can then apply them in learning other examples of that style, be it country, rock, metal, blues, classical, or whatever turns your crank.

 To be clear, there is no substitute for practice; you’ll only get out of guitar what you put into it.  But good instructors like M.J. will teach you how to use your practice time effectively so that you build on your strengths and correct your weaknesses.

 BC, you're lucky to have this guy around, and whether you're a beginner or the next EVH, I’d recommend giving him a call."
Ryan Reddin



"When our son, TJ, decided to start guitar lessons, there were several teachers available to work with, but TJ insisted he work with M.J. because he had seen him play at The Charlottetown Festival and wanted to be able to play like that one day. Plus he wanted to learn to play both electric and acoustic and M.J. offers lessons in both. Even though TJ started young (around 11 yrs old) and didn't have much of an attention span, he looked forward to each and every lesson and practiced without any prompting from us because M.J. challenged him to a specific goal by the next lesson. It kept him motivated and interested for the four years of lessons while M.J. was on PEI before moving to BC. Thank you, M.J., for having the patience and forethought to challenge a young boy to enjoy the gift of music!"
Michelle Neill



"I have had the privilege of learning everything from my first chord, to my favorite guitar solo and everything in between from M.J.  I was so fortunate to have him as a teacher for as long as I did, and I will always appreciate and never forget where it has gotten me."
Zachary Bernard



"I found such a great confidence change in my musical ability with only weeks of lessons.  M.J. is a great teacher and better friend.  He's like a Wikipedia of musical knowledge."
Connor Aylward



"I am a little erratic with my musical taste.  I love some heavy metal, some classic rock, some blues, some celtic, some classical and even a little jazz.  Few people are as all over the pond as I am when it comes to musical interests.  M.J. is one of them.  During my years studying with M.J. we covered elements from all those styles and had a lot of fun doing it.  We covered technique, ear training, music theory, song writing and arranging and performance tips.  Studying with M.J. created a solid foundation for a life time of musical enjoyment.  He is an amazingly gifted and well rounded teacher.  He didn't just teach me how to play the guitar, he taught me how to learn to play the guitar."
Sean Kelly



"M.J.'s technical proficiency and relaxed instructional style has more than inspired my relationship with the guitar. My ability to learn grew exponentially with each class as he taught directly to my musical interests. Thank you!"
Stacey Cahill



"M.J.'s vast knowledge of guitar technique and theory, and personal approach helped create a solid foundation that allowed us to reach new plateaus in my guitar playing by breaking it down into approachable, yet challenging exercises. I would highly recommend M.J. to anyone at any skill level looking to become the player they always wanted to be."
Alex MacLeod



"M.J. is fantastic. His heart is as big as his hair is long! Lessons were full of laughs and I learned exactly what I wanted."
Joshua Simon



"I've taken lessons on and off for a couple of years and M.J. is a pure pro and perfectionist.  The best thing about it is that he listened to what kind of guitar player I wanted to strive for and then gave me the tools and the confidence to begin a journey of a lifetime, plus he's one heck of a cool dude!!"
Tyler Pineau



"Not many guitar teachers can truly "Do it All" but M.J. Mullin is one of them. From jazz to classical and folk to metal he has the skills and enthusiasm for music to take your musical abilities to the next level."
Rodney Hennessey



"It's hard to describe in a couple of sentences how M.J. Mullin has shaped me as a musician. He has been a mentor and inspiration, both as a teacher and player. Anyone would be lucky to have him aid them in their musical journey."
Jill Chambers



"At the ripe age of 25 I decided to pick up an acoustic guitar. I'm someone who enjoys learning on my own but I didn't know where to start. I signed up for lessons with M.J. and he taught me the building blocks I needed. He reinforced the lessons by teaching me songs containing those building blocks. I still go back to his notes when I'm working on strumming patterns or playing through some scales."
Breck Palmer



"I always wanted to learn to play guitar. Finding M.J. as a teacher was probably the best thing that happened in that regard. He's a phenomenal guitarist and a first rate teacher. He blends his passion for guitar with an insight into method and practical teaching skills. He's the Carl Sagan of guitar teachers."
Andrew Moses



"I would recommend M.J. Mullin as a teacher to anyone of any age or level of experience. You instantly feel at ease when you first meet him, which makes the learning process much easier and a lot more fun!"
Jon Eric Barwise



"I starting playing guitar about 15 years ago, quickly learned the basics in the first year, but then found it difficult getting past the beginner stage.  I was referred to M.J. by several local musicians and guitar teachers.  I was M.J.'s student for over a year and I progressed more in that time than all the years before combined.  A great example of lesson material is the solo for my favorite Tragically Hip song.  By ear, M.J. was able to break it down note by note and turned each measure into a practice exercise.  Without realizing it at the time, I was learning way more than that one solo.  Theory, scales, timing, ear training, lead and rhythm notation, etc. and most to practice.  I went from basic rhythm and pentatonic skills to 'Gordie baby I know exactly how you feel.'  Guitar dream come true!"
Chris Carragher



"I played guitar for about 6 months before I started taking lessons from M.J.  I never really got anywhere until I had M.J.'s guidance. With M.J.'s help over the next couple of years, I was able to learn countless songs, lots of techniques, and even a bit of music theory. Whatever you want to learn, M.J. will be able to teach it to you!"
Cody MacEachern









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