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A personal message from M.J. Mullin:


"I am a very experienced teacher and performer and have made my living teaching and playing the guitar for 20 years.  Music is my career, my craft, my hobby and my passion.

I am as comfortable teaching beginners as I am teaching at the university and college levels, and every level in between.  Whether you have never held a guitar, or you don't know how to get to the next level, or you just want to fine tune your skills, I can help.  I have taught over 1000 people and most have continued with lessons for months or even years because they were having so much fun and improving more quickly than they expected.


Rock?  Blues?  Folk?  Jazz?  Metal?  Country?  Bass?  Classical?   YES.  I have performed all popular music styles on innumerable stages and have a wealth of experience teaching them all.  Whether you dream of finally learning a few of your favourite songs, or you aspire to make music a career as I have, I want to help.

I consider my role as your teacher to be to find out what YOU want to do, and design a lesson plan around YOUR goals.  So I would say "If these are your long term goals then this is what you can work on in the meantime to get you to where you want to be."  And I'll help you do it.

There's a good chance you've already checked out YouTube or other sites online to try to learn how to play.  Although there is some great material available online, they will usually only show you what to play but often aren't as helpful when it comes to HOW to learn it.  There's no substitute for being one on one with an experienced instructor who can watch and listen to you play, pinpoint what you may be struggling with and work with you to overcome it.

With 2 decades of teaching experience, I'll not only show you what to practice, but also show you HOW to practice and save you a lot of time and frustration.


I have a fun, relaxed and informal teaching style.  My first priority is to make it enjoyable for you.  When you're having fun, you will play more often and you'll improve quickly.


Thanks for looking me up.  Enjoy the website.  If you'd like to set up some lessons, or if you have any questions at all, just email me at:

I hope to hear from you soon!



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